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19 October 2006 @ 08:15 pm
I've been so incredibly busy it's not even funny. I'll make a huge post sometime later when i get the chance, but this blog post is for...

The Clan of the Cave Bear Summary on BookRags

(yeah so it's for some happy free access... and i have a book report coming up i need the study guide xP)


12 September 2006 @ 09:14 pm

  1. ITED Testing tomorrow, so no homework! :]
  2. Our first volleyball game is tomorrow... i'm excited, but i'm super scared at the same time. Scared! I really don't want people to stay and watch, even though it's supposed to be a good thing to have friends rooting for you... If we get our butts kicked it would be so embarassing! ^^;
  3. I'm still a bit upset that i got stuck with a medium sized jersey... (#4). Katelin, Karla, and Jill got the small sizes; I was gonna ask Karla to trade, but she's SMALL too, so i decided not too. Ugh... Jill should have gotten a medium, but i felt sort of bad asking her, since she was on the team LAST year, and so she has dibs. Blah. && she's just the kind of person who wouldn't offer in the first place. Oh well, my mom's sewing my jersey a bit so it'll fit better (shh, i don't think we're supposed to.. xD).
  4. Mmm.. we're gonna be wearing our jerseys with jean skirts tomorrow, yay. ;]
  5. I called David today after school and talked to him for quite a while... It made me happy. It's good to hear that he's doing better all the way there in Idaho... The first time i called him he told me that he was sort of a loner at school and of course my first reaction was OMGWTF?!! But he's made a few friends.. Oh gosh how i miss that boy. :[ We talked about Naruto a lot too, haha. He's finally getting into it, he refused to at first because he didn't think it was that good(stupid english dub), but i gave him links to download the manga && he's liking it a lot :D I felt like such a dork talking to him about anime on the phone... HAhaha. xD Oh well, i shall embrace that side of myself<3 yay.
  6. So i'm feeling pretty exhausted. My mom just finished sewing the thing so i guess it's best to go to sleep now... I'm suffering from lack thereof.
  7. ♥♥

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10 September 2006 @ 08:50 pm
School started three weeks ago, and i've been wayy busy. D:

Oh geez, so much stuff... so lemme try to remember some of it.

  1. Hiro's first trip to the dog park.
  2. Picture whoring at Huntington Beach with Fam.
  3. Day trip with the parents to downtown L.A.
  4. David's 'going away party' at Lampost *cries*
  5. errr... etc.

  3. New boys? Yeah, but blah. ;P
  4. Tried out for the volleyball team. Made the volleyball team. No regrets.
  5. ASB Handshake. Oh my goodness it was so much fun... and for those who have no idea what i'm talking about, Handshake is like an icebreaker event my school has every year. We play a bunch of games; at first we mix the classes, but then we play games in the gym for class points. SO MUCH EFFIN FUN. Sophomores got second place, HECK YEAH!
  6. Trying to decide whether or not to sign up for NTP (too late to be leader, but i can still help out if i want to). I'm leaning towards Campus Ministries(Katelin's the assistant leader), but Brenda wants me to Community Ministries since she's assistant leader for it.
  7. Ugh band... Mr. Leukert bumped me down from 2nd clarinet to 3rd. Well, section leader ( 'promotion!' he says..), but i really detest the 3rd clarinet parts. ickkk! I love 2nd, and i LOVE the music parts. dfladjfslk. Tim's now 2nd section leader, but he hates it, he likes being 3rd. Maybe we can convince Leukert to switch us, haha, that would be great. Seriously. I think i'm gonna ask him. I hate playing the low parts. BOO.
  8. umm. i don't remember.

So coming back to livejournal and seeing my emo posts is quite embarassing. I'm usually a really really happy person. Oh well, i hope you guys didn't mind. xD

Volleyball Volleyball VolleyballCollapse )

I was gonna type other stuff about my week, but i guess i'll just have to edit that in later or something, i'm hungry!

I'm definitely switching to my applehearts username as soon as possible. I want to redo the layout first, then i'm gonna SWITCH LIKE WHOA NINJA SKILLZ. I don't like my icons anymore, but i'm lazy to change them. :P

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04 August 2006 @ 07:43 pm
I was pissed off. But now i'm sad.

Hiro freakin attacked me again. I went outside and wanted to make a little video of him doing tricks, and asked my dad to record it on the camera.

I had a treat for him and was holding it up. I told him to sit, he sat. I told him to lay down, he layed down. But then he flew up and started jumping on me... Well, yeah, i guess jump is an okay word. He kept jumping at me and all over me and scraping me with his 'claws'... trying to get the treat, i guess. My dad just stood there. yep.

Hiro hasn't been like that in a LONG time. I thought he stopped doing that, but i guess not.

I was PISSED OFF. It hurt, dammit! He's freakin bigger than me, and wayy stronger than me too.

I stormed back inside the house, and you know what my dad said? "You can't handle him." Oh yeah, great, thanks. He ALWAYS has some lame ass excuse for Hiro's behavior. "He has to stop biting" "It's natural, he's a dog." "He can't just go attacking people when he's excited" "That's because you never play with him." What the heck??!


I'm still a bit achey. I have welts and scratches on my arms, and probably a bruise or two.

It hurts more because i love hiro to death... and yet he's like that.

.... UGH. asdflkmlaoiwejf

i was planning on typing out this whole thing about my week, but i guess not.

This entry sucks.
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16 July 2006 @ 12:40 am
I love staying up late at night. Unfortunately i can only do so during the weekends, since work requires me to get up early during the weekdays. *glares at random object* I definitely loathe waking up early.

Work has been good. Shearin showed me how to enter new students into the program on Friday, and we had great fun... One of the international students had a photocopied picture on his application, and oh-em-gee. I was entering him in, and for some reason, i didn't quite know why, but i found his picture extremely hilarious. Shearin was first to realize that the guy looked like a dragon. His eyes, his nose... oh man. We laughed so hard. It'll be interesting to see that guy next year.

I had an orthodontist appointment today, and i was crossing my fingers and sending up little prayers in the hope that i would be able to get these darn metal things off. Sadly, they're still on. I don't see what's left to fix, but the ortho knows more about it than i do, so i'll try and wait patiently for another month. Yess, he said i could get them off next time. *dances* (Though i've come to realize that his numbers are never consistent... ahh, oh well. I'll believe him this time :P)

After the ortho appointment we went to Nordstrom Rack(lovely place. Nordstrom, but less expensive<3), where i spent a lot of my money(it all adds up...) -___- I wish i was a little kid again, when my parents would pay for my clothes and such. *sigh* Anyways, what i got ^^ :: Really cute big jacket thing, brown Roxy sweatshirt, blue/gray top, casual black flippy-ish skirt, && this very interesting brown dress... it's a dress, but then again... Well, it's very strange, but cute nonetheless. && sunglasses(no, not the big sunglasses. Aviator-ish-not-really-but-ish ones.)

Mmmf. Brenda, Lindsey, Noemi, Michael, and Kyle left for Mexico[TJ] at 3PM today on mission trip for The Place. :[ I'm a bit sad. I hope they have a great time though, helping people out... I called Michael at 2:30 but he was super busy getting ready so told me he would call me when he got there. Whichhhh he didn't, haha, but i understand, he was probably really busy or didn't have reception :P Aww poo. I was gonna call everyone else at 2:30 too, but i figured they were most likely busy getting ready also, so i would just wait until michael called so i could demand him to hand the phone to everyone else so i could give them wise words of encouragement(blahhh). hehe.

I've dived back into fanfiction. It's fantastic. I've been lurking in the Naruto fandom, but it's just a matter of time before... "ZOMGOMG I WANTS HARRY POTTER NOWWWW DRACO MALFOY JUST HUMPED A TREE LIKE WTF HERMIONEEEEE!!" [/stops the strangeness... well okay, that's not possible... so deal with it :]

You know what's been bugging me?? I haven't switched to my applehearts username yet. Ughh. I've been waiting until after i made a new layout, but i just haven't had the time, dizzangit! I've been tempted to just use this same layout after simply changing the " .livejournal.com" on the banner, but no. i WILL make the new layout, and i will do it SOON. yiiiiii. && the new journal will be FRIENDS ONLY. mmhmm. for sure.

*runs off to be a fanfic whore*
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11 July 2006 @ 10:14 pm
I'm working again, but this time Shearin is also working since she just came back from her road trip. It's mucho fun, well, as fun as working gets i suppose. We have decided that we must name everything. The guidance/counseling room that holds the student folder archives(and a whole load of other crap that's just thrown in there haphazardly) has officially been dubbed the "Torture Chamber"... Tortchy Chamber for short(and it sounds cuter, haha). The copier in the registrar office is "Bob", and the big one in the copy room is "Monster Manny"... We're FAR from finished naming everything, oh yes, there are many many things that are still nameless, but choosing a name is more difficult than one might think... Considering we must do so while trying to get other things done. Hehe.

So, i got another job. As you should know(or maybe not... i just felt like saying that) after working at school in the morning i go to my dad's office for the rest of the afternoon waiting for him. && during this period of time i am usually found reading a book, or unobtrusively trying to take a nap on the chair. Well, i was offered a job today, filing and whatnot since i'm already THERE i might as well be doing something, huh? Ahh... so i suppose i have to get another work permit from the school, i'm not really sure. Blah. I'll be making money... and that's a happy thought, especially since i'll get to keep ALL of it(not just half) because it's not from my school job. The downside is i don't know if i can stand 6 hours of office work a day, 5 days a week. During summer vacation too! Hmm.

I was hoping to be able to be updating my journal daily during summer break, but that hasn't been happening. I feel terrible, i've been neglecting my LJ friends, and i'm not one to neglect friends... ZOMGZ. Don't worry, once i find the time, i'm gonna read through ALL THE FREAKIN JOURNAL ENTRIES of each of my friends that i haven't been able to read yet, and leave nice comments. <33

So much i wanted to write about... but i've forgotten the words that i wanted to say.

Just because i feel the need to, i'm gonna do a brief summary thing of Saturday: Chester Asia(Chinese restaurant), Oma's House, Family, Justin, Maria, Jon, Sarah & Jeremy, Longboarding, Justin swallowing Maria's Tiffanys ring ahahaha, Kari, Train Man movie, video clips, jackass, Othello game, FOOD, lemonade, avacados. etc. etc.

Hmm. I've been taking my dog on walks/jogs after work lately. (is proud of self). It feels pretty cool being a short asian girl and walking a german shepherd dog. He's been really good, i think he almost fully understands "heel" now. :] What sucks about training Hiro, is that it's extremely difficult. Not because he's not very smart, because he is, and not because he's stubborn, which he isn't really... but mainly because of my father. Geez. He spends so much time with Hiro outside, but he's SO INCONSISTENT. I can honestly say that he's the reason Hiro still bites... ugh. && you can tell Hiro behaves a lot better around me than around my dad. Yeah, he knows that i mean business<3

I STILL NEED TO MAKE A NEW LAYOUT FOR MY LJ SO I CAN EFFIN SWITCH ALREADY!! dalsfdja*dies* ... i need inspiration.

Sorry for blabbering.

i loves ya. i'm sorry you have to deal with me. hah. :P

(oh yeah... i have to change my icons too. i'm tired of these.)

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05 July 2006 @ 10:47 pm
I got back home from Justin's place yesterday night. (Or maybe i should say this morning, since it was around 2 something). There was traffic heading back, which I can only assume was caused by the fact that it was July 4th.

Ooohh man, it was super fun.

I finally got to meet Justin's gf. && i DO approve. She's a nice girl, not that i ever doubted she wouldn't be, but i can confirm it now. i like her. :]

I got to Justin's place on Sunday night because that's when they just flew back from Hawaii [which is also why we could only go on Monday and Tuesday]. We stayed up til past 4 that night while he 'poured out his soul' to me, as he later called it. Hahaha, he was talking about Maria and a bunch of stuff. He's my closest cousin by FAR... geez, i think we tell each other everything without even realizing it.

We later came to regret not looking at the schedule for Monday, since we ended up missing out on so much stuff while we were walking around the convention hall for a freakin long time looking at stuff. What can i say... we're noobs. Haha, i didn't know there was stuff going on in different rooms! xD We watched Train Man in one of the film rooms in the evening, and omg, i'm glad we did. That movie was hilarious! We missed the first half hour, but the rest was still so funny... xDD "Do people ever call you spacey?" "what?... uh... sometimes..." "... Not always??" haha. Oh, i met Jeff Thomas [azuzephre]! :D He draws those interweb-famous little emo cartoon things that i happen to have all over my binder. Hehe. I bought a print and pin from him and got the print signed. :] ... also saw Man Fey. oiyy, my eyeeess!! xDD haha

The last day ended a LOT sooner than the first day, but it was super duper fun. When we first got there we watched the AMV contest... whoa, those vids were awesome. The one that won best in show, Signal to Noise, was really good... but really dramatic and graphic(which is most likely why it also won best drama). Then we went and got anime portraits done of ourselves in the artist gallery. (i'll edit mine in later). I had mine done first, then Justin and Maria got theirs done together(with color). It turned out so cute! :DD cutemew <--- did our portraits :]

When we exited the doors of the building, we came upon E.M.C Monkeys performing :DD Justin was like, "OMG! they're my heroes!" and hurried to take out his camera and record it. Afterwards Maria and I were telling Justin that we should go take a picture with them, and suddenly he got all shy and embarassed... xDD He was like, "no... let's just go... let's just go..." and GEEZ, we walked almost back to the parking lot when he finally gave in, so we went back, && thankfully they were still there. :] Justin was still being hilarious, he shoved the camera at Maria, and he was like, "You guys figure out whose gonna take the picture... and you ask them..." Hahaha... xD Before we took the pictures, some girl saw Justin's shirt and was like, "ahhh! you're shirt is awesome! Can i take a picture??" So she took a picture of his shirt while the E.M.C boys were chuckling at his shirt. ahahah. Sooo.... pictures, you ask?

E.M.C Monkeys and us<3Collapse )

Omg, i just remembered. That day when we were walking outside, this guy wearing an "Looking for a Japanese girlfriend" shirt(ahah maria...) came up to Maria and I and was like, "Hello random hot girls. would you like to take 'random hot girl' pictures so we can put them up on a myspace group?" LOL! We were like, "uhh.... no... thanks..." xD Obviously that's never happened to me before, and i found it highly amusing. :P

We had korean bbq by the pool for dinner that night. && salad. && watermelon. && cherries. && sparkling champagne. zomgz, i'm freakin drooling now.

So, AX was definitely cool. I bought some stuff, and have a bunch of memories :D Seeing all the cosplayers was really interesting... I saw a few really good ones, but they ran away before we could ask for pictures with them :[ Hehe, there were a bunch of star wars cosplayers(that realllyy liked Justin's shirt), and someone even dressed up as an iPod! it was awesome.

I've decided i'm gonna put stuff up on my DeviantART account<3

Umm... i'm positive i didn't type about a whole effin mess of things i was planning to type about that had to do with Anaheim, but oh well. :P
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01 July 2006 @ 06:39 pm
Sorry i haven't updated/commented recently. :P

I got my first paycheck this week. :D It was so exciting... i kept opening it and looking at it every once in a while. Hehe. I really love my job. Mrs. Hardin is such a nice person, and she's so talkative! She's on vacation now though, so i worked only a few days this week. Since Katelin came in and helped me, everything got done pretty fast. Wow. You hear and find out so much stuff in the registrar office about everyone... i guess why you have to be really trustworthy to be able to work there. It was so funny, before she left, she was showing Katelin and I how to do the student transcripts for requests and such... Haha, we were both so nervous about taking calls for it! We practiced! It was hilarious! xD

What sucks about working is that after work i have to go to my dad's office and i have to stay there for the whole freakin afternoon... Then i get home at around 6 or 7, so that's like, my whole day away from the computer! && i have to get up so early if i'm gonna work the next day, so i can't stay up too late :3

I've been obsessed with Asian drama lately... seriously. I just finished watching Meteor Garden 2(which is dragged out wayyy too long, and is really sad), and now i'm watching Mars... which i really really like, but that Tonggao guy is SUPER creepy. Like, really creepy. o____o;;; I'm spending like, all my time watching them, so i haven't been faithful to my LJ :3 hehe. what a lame excuse! *smacks self*

I'm going to Anaheim tomorrow and staying at Justin's place for the anime expo :P He's just coming back from Hawaii tomorrow so we're gonna go on Monday & Tuesday. His girlfriend is coming too, which i agreed to because i want to see if i approve of her ;] I hope Amy and Jon will come too.

A few pictures from a photoshoot with Hiro ;]Collapse )
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12 June 2006 @ 08:11 pm
This weekend was filled up with really interesting events.

Saturday- Sadly, i didn't get my braces removed. Yeesh, the orthodontist said that i had "3 more months". What the heck? I swear that guy makes up numbers. They change all the time!! Gah.

Keriyana's party was interesting... It was sort of sad though, because not very many people showed up, but then again it was the same night as class night, and people were busy. :S It was sort of awkward at first... The music/dj guy kept calling people onto the dance floor(it was empty xDD) to 'celebrate Keriyana's birthday!', and my friends and i were just sitting around eating food... we eventually started dancing though. Wait, maybe i should first say that I, along with a bunch of my friends, cannot dance. xD But we all embraced the dorks in ourselves and just had a lot of fun. haha. We were spinning around and stuff :D Lots of fun. && we were all dolled up too, so it was really nice(we took off our shoes to dance, haha). :]

We left the party early to go to class night, and were planning to change before we went, but ended up not doing so. Hehe.

The program was really fun, but the reception afterwards was the best part. The Juniors really outdid themselves. It was effin AMAZING! The theme was Willy Wonka(hehe) && it was held in the cafeteria. Though you couldn't even recognize it as being the cafeteria. The walls were covered with colorful poster paper things, and had pictures of the rooms in the chocolate factory, for example, the squirrel room... They had the chocolate waterfall(made of the paper) in one corner of the caf, and another corner they set up the bed scene, with people dressed up as the grandparents/Charlie... && Mr. Kesler was Willy Wonka xD Mr. Nelson was Augustus Gloop!! The costumes were really great.

A bunch of the juniors were also dressed up as Ooma Loompas, with makeup and everything. SCARY. but cool. xD They did the dance!! The soundtrack was playing the whole time, and whenever it got to certain parts, the oompa loompas would gather in the corner and do the dance. it was freakin hilarious. They stayed in character the whole time though, so it was really freaky, xDD Aaron Doyle(as oompa loompa) chased me around the candy tables. Mann, creepy! xD The food was really good too, the oompa loompas were caryying around trays of chocolate covered strawberries/marshmallows/etc. && there was CANDY ON TREES! not freakin kidding, they hung liquorice ropes and nerds ropes on some trees in the caf, YUM! Like, 2 small chocolate fountains... oh man. awesome.

Sunday- The reception the night before lasted really really late. I was one of the earlier people to leave, but it was still late, and the next morning i was so TIRED!! But i had to go to the graduation ceremony and see everyone actually graduate, so i got up. Michael was supposed to save me a seat, but when i got there, he had no seats saved! He really had a whole row, but he said that some "really nice people" came and asked if they were taken, and he just let them have it. hahaha. sheesh. xDD

There weren't enough seats in the chapel, we went seat hunting, but didn't find any except for the baby room. We stayed in there for a while, but more babies were coming in, it smelled, and we couldn't hear anything, so we left. We found spots on the balcony. Well, they weren't really seats, but we had a nice view, and it was pretty comfy :]

It was so sad! Gosh... the seniors are now college freshman. *sigh* It was really depressing afterwards, having to say by to everyone... ugh. Especially Cory(my husband!), && Jess. *cries*

On a happier note, lookie what i made!!


haha :DD It makes me so happy! I really really love photoshop. xD *dances*

Hehe, oh my goodness, when Jill saw it was my phones background, she was all like, "Emily! I'm gonna tell Cory! You're cheating on him!!" ahaha. I told Cory that if he saw Jill, and she told him anything, not to listen to her... He ended up not seeing her, but she texted him about it! lolz. He said that he chose to believe that i still love him though. Mann, we crack me up. xD I'm gonna miss him a LOT. *cries* That's life i guess... oiy... he still has my blue jacket!

I'm a bit worried about the ride situation for me working... gah. It sucks because if work starts at 8:30, i'm still gonna be dropped off at around 7:15 because my dad has to go to work... Brenda said that she would come early so i don't have to be by myself, but i don't want her to have to wake up early all the time, i mean, it's SUMMMER. Ugh. && Mrs. Hardin apparently isn't gonna be at the orientation, which means i'll get there, have someone talk to me for about ten minutes, and then be free to go home... HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO GET HOME?!! oiy. i hope my brother can come pick me up. And when work really starts, i'm done by 12:30. I guess my dad can come pick me up on his lunch break, but that means i'm gonna have to stay at his office for the whole afternoon. THE WHOLE EFFIN AFTERNOON! grr. All these little things. I stress out easily.

I think i should stop now. Chow!
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09 June 2006 @ 02:46 pm
I like the weather today. It's been like this for quite a while now, completely overcast, but warm. It's the kind of weather that just a few days ago had me politely asking the sky if it wouldn't mind letting the sun get through, because i'd really appreciate it. Of course it didn't give into my request, but i'm happy with it now. I'm not exactly sure why, maybe because it's relaxing. It's comforting, and not demanding, like the sunshine often is. It sends my mind the message that there's no need to rush, to stress, to worry too much about things.

Strange, i know. :P

So, today's another day. I'm planning to sort through my clothes to figure out which one's to give away and such. I'm feeling lazy though. hehe.

Tomorrow's gonna be a busy day. Church, Oma's(grandma's) house, ortho appointment, Keriyana's party, && hurrying to class night. I hope i'll be able to get my braces off tomorrow... *crosses fingers* Man, orthodontists lie! He promised i could get my braces off 2 months ago. haha.

I've been trying to think of a new username. I think i'm going with applehearts... So what if it doesn't make much sense?? hehe, i'm getting fond of the name. :]

I'm waiting until i make a new layout before i make the switch, but i suppose i should open the other account now so nobody somehow takes it. :O

*hands everyone apples*
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